Andrey Abramov's Simulators of the City Landscape

As seen on LensCulture... 

Finding conglomerations of spots, lines and geometric objects that already exist in urban environments, these un-retouched landscapes reveal ephemeral beauty in our daily lives

The subtlety and beauty of these images make me an immediate fan. It inspires me to move closer and find the more intimate frames in my own project. 

Look at the entire portfolio at

the most wonderful time of the year...

So they sing, and in many ways, I completely agree.

If you navigate the indulgences and manage your schedule, December can give such rewards. Time celebrating with friends and loves, making new ones; reflecting on the past year and looking forward into the next. Best wishes and Cheers to all. 

I love City Life...

As a city dweller, I thrive on the grand structure, beautiful chaos, and appreciate compartmentalizing within the congestion. There is so much to see, through so many points of view.

Thank you DON'T TAKE PICTURES for sharing these great images and including 2 of my NYC photographs in City Life.

Keep Out, New York, NY  2013

the Fun, New York, NY  2013   

the Fun, New York, NY  2013


... and to add to the excitement, The Fun currently hangs at our beloved PRC here in Boston. Your Work Here 2.0 is still up until December 20th 2014... This PRC members show is such a fabulous way to give the gift of art over the holidays. Discover works by new and established artists while supporting the center. 

Exhibiting Sleight of Light in Vancouver

The only thing better than seeing your work in a frame, is seeing it hung in a space. It was great to take over Roam Gallery, Vancouver and bring my first solo show to my hometown.

Thank you Jen and Roam for the opportunity!

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